Multi-Family Housing Projects

The Agency has aggressively sought to build quality multi-family housing throughout the City. Projects have ranged from stylish modern loft units to historic renovations. Below is a listing of current projects the Agency is undertaking.  In addition, some of the Agency's most cherished projects are reviewed below:

Midtown Neighborhood, 18th & I Street Project

Action item 2.0 of the 2007 Downtown Strategy states that the Agency should pursue the revitalization of the Midtown District, generally bound by Martin Luther King Way, G Street, 18th Street and 26th Street.  The strategy also suggests that the Agency actively seek to acquire and retrofit, and demolish if necessary, structures that are dilapidated and that do not add to the historical identity of the district. In revitalizing this district, the Agency will rejuvenate a historically significant neighborhood of Merced and add to the allure of residential living in the Downtown area.  

The Agency has started its efforts by purchasing blighted properties at the northwest and southeast corners of 18th & I Streets.  It is envisioned that this project will be similar in style to urban style row housing that is typically of larger metropolitan cities.  Much emphasis will be placed on making this development highly energy efficient, unique in design and marketable to people looking to reside in Downtown.  The Agency has began to clear blighted properties for the future development.  The Agency is currently working with Maxwell Construction, Inc. to develop 7 new units at 18th & I Street with a completion date scheduled for 2012.  Below are a couple photos of the blighted properties that have been cleared and sites that are awaiting future development

                        1815 I Street Before                                                                      1815 I Street Current

Highway 59 & Cooper Avenue Multi-Family

The Highway 59 & Cooper Avenue signalization has been approved by Caltrans and work has begun on connecting the new Willowbrook Drive.  For more information on the Highway 59 & Cooper Avenue signalization project, click here.  The Agency has purchased a large amount vacant or blighted properties north and south of the site where Willowbrook Avenue will be realigned to intersect with Highway 59 and Cooper Avenue.  A Development Agreement with Merced Pacific Investments, LLC will construct 75 units of affordable housing spread over the mulitple lots.  The design will include green energy efficent features and will be a significant transformation of housing condiitions once seen in the area.  Construction of the units will be complete in early 2012. 

NEPA and CEQA environmental documents related to the project in accordance with HUD guidelines are presented:



            Agency purchase of 10 unit blighted complex along Highway 59

Rental housing will be made available with this project in a range of affordability rates.  There is the potential for creating approximately 100 high quality and aesthetically pleasing units in the vicinity of the Highway 59 and Cooper Avenue project.  Expansion and signalization of the roadway is expected sometime on 2012.  New multi-family housing construction will follow.

Merced Lofts

The Merced Lofts (M-Lofts) are an exciting new urban life project. This 3 story downtown building provides 6 retail storefronts and 14 live/work loft units where up to two people may live in and experience the numerous amenities available in downtown Merced. The project was Merced’s first major loft project, a trendy design concept which makes use of high ceilings and large windows to create an open airy ambience, perfect for work at home professionals, artists and students. 


Merced Theatre Residential

The Redevelopment Agency is actively working to restore the Merced Theatre building. The first phase of rehabilitation included a complete restoration of the 10 residential units and 6 retail Main Street storefronts.  This mixed use project provides residents the opportunity to live and work in what is considered to be the active lifestyle center of Merced.   The Merced Theatre residential units are high in quality and historical ambiance.  Parking is conveniently located and lease rates are very competitive for the area.  For more information on leasing contact Redevelopment, 209-385-6827.

The Grove

The Grove Apartments is a high quality affordable housing complex, residents are able to enjoy numerous playgrounds, a pool, a community hall, a computer lab and numerous yards complete with shade trees. The 204 units are divided into 51 two-story buildings. Construction on the facility began in 2003 and opened shortly thereafter in 2004.

Developed by AHDC Development of Clovis, the project combined numerous funding sources, including $6.2 million from the City of Merced and the Redevelopment Agency.