Senior Housing Projects

The Redevelopment Agency is committed to expanding the number of quality senior housing units throughout the community. Projects from single family homes to large senior communities have been completed, allowing more seniors to live in a safe, self-respecting manner. One of the Agency’s greatest successes was Sierra Meadows, where a 5 acre blighted block was transformed into a showcase senior community.


Sierra Meadows





Sierra Meadows was completed in 1997. This inspiring project cleaned up one of the most blighted blocks in Merced, comprised of vacant and severely dilapidated buildings, and replaced it with a 100-unit affordable senior apartment complex.


Each unit is capable of accommodating fully independent living (including personal gardening space) while providing increasing security and fellowship. Seniors are able to live in a self-respectful manner while continuing to contribute to their community. The recreation hall hosts numerous activities from quilting to bingo.  The 5.4-acre development is designed to complement neighboring facilities. From this location, residents are able to conveniently walk to the Senior Center, the Transportation Center and several other downtown destinations.


The project required the Agency to purchase the site and relocated area tenants from the slum-like conditions of the site to decent housing. The Agency then sold the property to the non-profit Affordable Housing Development Corporation, which built the 100-unit affordable apartment complex.