Single-Family Housing Projects

The Agency regularly partners with groups such as the Coalition for Affordable Housing and Habitat for Humanity in the construction of single-family homes. These partnerships have lead to the development of numerous single-family owner occupied and rental homes. Each home is designed to complement the appearance of the neighborhood. Several of the homes were built on sites where dilapidated and sometimes abandoned structures stood. By rehabilitating these blighted parcels, this type of development serves to help more than a single family; it serves as a catalyst, uplifting the surrounding homes and neighborhood. In addition to creating new or infill development for single-family homes, the Agency partakes in the rehabilitation, reconstruction and facade improvement of residential structures.  Below is a quick introduction to single-family projects assisted by the Agency:

Habitat for Humanity of Merced County, Disposition and Development Agreement:

In 2008, the Agency began the process of deeding over 3 sites located at 512 W. 11th Street, 927 W. 8th Street and 195 S. "T" Street.  Each of these single family home sites was extremely blighted and dilapidated. Habitat for Humanity will have three years to develop each of these sites and then partner with a very low income family to purchase the home.  Each partner family builds sweat equity into their home by helping all the way from the framing process to landscaping the yard.  Pride of ownership is evident in these project.  Construction will be continuing until 2012.  For more information about Habitat for Humanity of Merced County, Inc. or for the opportunity to volunteer, click here.

       Underutilized and blighted, 927 W. 8th St                                        Blighting influence, 512 W. 11th

Blight Elimination

Community Redevelopment Law (CRL) has two main purposes, eliminating blight and creating affordable housing.  The Redevelopment Agency of the City of Merced accomplishes these goals by targeting properties that hinder property values, add blight and decrease the quality of life of Merced residents.  The Agency has been proactive in purchasing and demolition these properties.  While some Agency owned properties may remain as vacant land for a period of time, the Agency has plans to work with developers for the revitalization of these sites.

The site at 73 S. "R" Street was vacant and blighted.  Illegal additions were evident with many of them not meeting codes and standards for residential dwellings.  The Agency purchased this site in 2007 and has  since leveled the structure and prepared it for development at a future date.

                                    73 S. "R" Street Residence

Midtown Victorian and Bungalow Rehabilitation
The Agency has partnered with Central Valley Coalition for Affordable Housing (CVCAH) on multiple occasions for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of single family homes throughout Merced.  The Agency may assist in the purchase of the site or subsidize the revitalization through grants or loans.  Upon completing the project, the CVCAH will typically sign affordability covenants to guarantee the site is offered to low and moderate income residents. 

         Rehabilitated Home on 20th Street