Current Redevelopment Projects - Gateways Project Area

G Street Grade Separation (Undercrossing) Project

The City of Merced is undertaking a large scale capital project to separate "G" Street from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) tracks.  The City of Merced was awarded a $9 million grant from the California Transportation Commission (CTC) in August 2008.  This funding, in addition to a BNSF match of $1.8 million, $2.3 million in City development impact fees and $4.8 million in redevelopment funds, will provide a project that improves access and safety along the major arterial street.  The project has been awarded to Teichert Construction at a cost of $5.08 million.  The project is expected to complete construction by December 2011.  Public art, landscaping and new public facilities are included in the project. 

The Agency will have the opportunity to redevelop key properties with this project.  In addition to the neighboring property revitalization, the Agency will partially fund public improvements including quality street lighting, landscaping, pedestrian walkways, and public art.

                                Conceptual Renderings of G Street Grade Separation, South View

                            Conceptual Renderings of G Street Grade Separation, North View

East 16th Street Beautification Project

In the 1940's, the State of California relinquished rights to the old Highway 99 that ran through the central part of the City along 16th Street.  The portion of East 16th Street, between "G" Street and the Yosemite Parkway (Highway 140) has gone relatively untouched since that time.  The Redevelopment Agency has developed a project to improve and beautify this portion of roadway with a new pavement surface, streetlights, drainage facilities and landscaping.  In addition, a separated bicycle and pedestrian path will allow access and safe crossing along the roadway where sidewalks and pedestrian crossings currently do not exist.  The project is currently pending due to funding concerns and the reconstruction an overhead Highway 99 bridge that will not be completed until 2015.

                                    Westbound East 16th Street

PG&E Rule 20A Underground Utility Districts (UUD No. 9, 10 & 11)

PG&E has an available program that is funded by the utility to construct and underground existing overhead lines.  The program, known as Rule 20A, allows cities and counties to partner to improve pedestrian access, vehicular safety and allow for the expansion of roadways.  The Agency completed a project at E. 13th Street and D Street near the County Medical Facility which included 14 new streetlights.  In addition, the Agency is coordinating the completion of a district at Yosemite Parkway (Highway 140) near Kelly Avenue.  An additional district was formed and will be in construction on Parsons and Childs Avenue by November 2013.  

                        PG&E at work on the UUD #9 Rule 20A Project


                   New foundation for new streetlight construction on "B" Street

                                       New Streetlight on "D" Street

Parsons Avenue Shopping Center and Street Improvements

One of the primary goals of the Redevelopment Agency is to attract new shopping opportunities to South Merced. The Agency has been working with Rancho San Miguel for several years on the development of a regional shopping center on the corner of Yosemite Parkway and Parsons Avenue. The new center boasts approximately 90,000 square feet of retail including a grocery store, a pharmacy, specialty foods restaurant and other personal services. In addition to the development, the Agency is working to improve the adjacent section of Parson’s Avenue. These improvements will include road widening, overhead utility removal and new sidewalks, curbs and gutters. The City received a $1 million grant for the expansion of Parsons Avenue from Childs to Highway 140.  Right of way purchases and minor improvements around Rancho San Miguel have already started.

                    The New Rancho San Miguel Shopping Center in South Merced

North Highway 59 and Cooper Avenue Intersection

The Redevelopment Agency of the City of Merced is undertaking an infrastructure development project at the corner of CA North Highway 59 and Cooper Ave.  Pedestrians and bicyclists alike are combating high volumes of traffic to reach commercial destinations along the Southern Highway 59 corridor.  In an effort to alleviate dangerous conditions for the residents of the surrounding areas and aide in the effort to ease traffic congestion along CA Highway 59, the Redevelopment Agency will be administering the widening of streets, sidewalks, landscape buffers and traffic signals.  To the added benefit of the project will be the ease of large freight vehicles accessing the Western Industrial Park which currently create safety hazards for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians traversing the Highway 59 corridor. 

                                Willowbrook Court Construction, 2006

In recent months, the Redevelopment Agency has been coordinating with Caltrans for approval of the planned construction project.  The Agency has purchased a majority of the right of way needed for this project.  In addition, the Agency will work with a housing developer to create a quality affordable housing project in the general area north of Willowbrook Avenue.

                   Merced Fire Department training exercise to clear 
               way for Highway 59 & Cooper Avenue Housing Project

"R" Street Environmental Remediation, Former Texaco Gas Station

The Agency is proceeding with remediation efforts at the site in accordance with the Disposition and Development Agreement with Costco.  The underground petroleum contamination originated from former gas stations that once surrounded the site.  The Agency has exhausted an Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Grant from the state and is now using Agency funds and a US EPA grant to proceed with the remediation.  The project is moving forward to meet the deadlines imposed by the Regional Water Quality Control Board.

                                        R Street Soil Vapor Extractor

South Merced Sidewalks Project

The City of Merced accepted a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant of $334,000 in CDBG-R funds to use in census tract areas.  This grant money is being used primarily in south Merced for the construction of 1000 linear feet new sidewalks and 63 reconstructed ADA accessible ramps.  In addition, Caltrans is signalizing the intersection of South Highway 59 and Childs Avenue.  City and Agency staff are coordinating with Caltrans for a pedestrian crossing and sidewalk improvements within the State Highway.  A signalized, ADA accessible crossing will improve pedestrian safety in the area.  Construction is expected to be completed by September 2010.

                        West Avenue will receive new sidewalks

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