Inspection Services

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  • When and how do I arrange for an inspection?

    You will need an inspection prior to demolition of the structure. The City Inspector verifies that all utilities and water and sewer facilities are disconnected. A final inspection is required after all demolition and final clean-up have been completed.

    Call the Inspection Services recorder at 723-2489 to request an inspection. Please refer to the Interactive Voice Recsponse (IVR) brochure when calling for an inspection.

  • When is a demolition permit required?

    Before demolition of any structure, a demolition permit must be obtained from the Inspection Services. The applicant can also choose to contact the Fire Department to obtain permit through the "Structure Abatement Program". Demolition Permit forms are available at the Inspection Services counter.

  • When is disabled access required?

    If alterations or structural repairs, change of occupancy, change of use, or additions are made to an existing building, the building is required to comply with all the diabled access code requirements for a new building. Required disabled access areas include, but are not limited to:

    • entrances to the building or facility and the primary path of travel to the specific area of alteration, structural repair, addition, or change of use/occupancy.
    • sanitary facilities, drinking fountains, and public telephones serving the area.