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Mayor Murphy’s State of the City speech

February 9, 2018 

The State of the City will be held from 10:30 am to noon Fri, Feb. 9. For more information, to read the speeches or watch it live follow the links here

Click for live video stream

Click for Mayor Murphy's State of the City speech

Click for Chamber Board President Matt Hoffman's speech

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Sign up for emergency alerts

February 5, 2018 

We share the Merced County Notification System for emergency alerts. Sign up here to receive local alerts.

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Community Survey Results

December 7, 2017 

A recently commissioned independent survey shows Merced residents are concerned about crime, poverty, and homelessness. Nearly 50% of residents believe that local parks are unsafe at night, and 62% believe that crime in general has increased over the last few years. As a result, many residents prioritized protecting, maintaining, and expanding public safety services as services the City should focus on.

Press Release

Survey Summary

Survey Report

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