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Merced Police Keeping Citizens Informed

The Merced Police Department has a new tool to help residents stay informed and help fight crime in their neighborhoods. The interactive website hosted by The Omega Group, went live at 11:00 am on Tuesday, September 28, 2010.

online crime mapping

 The site allows users to view crime activity near their home, near their work, or even near their child’s school. People can view crime activity on the map as well as create simple reports and charts. It also includes an email based crime alert service that allows users to subscribe to receive reports via email regarding crime near their location of choice.  There is no charge to view the maps, charts, reports, or to receive the Crime Alerts.

Visit the Department’s webpage to get additional information regarding this service. A basic instruction guide is provided as well as a link to a training video.  Disclaimer information regarding the crime data is also stated.