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City of Merced opening ‘cooling center’

MERCED - The City of Merced is opening a cooling center where seniors, the elderly and the infirmed can find refuge from the searing heat wave sweeping the state.

The center will be open from noon to 9 p.m. Wednesday through Friday.

The Valley is forecast to experience triple digit temperatures over the next three days. Health officials stress that drinking plenty of fluids and staying in air-conditioned buildings help prevent heat-related illnesses.

The City Parks and Community Service staff will staff the cooling center. The schedule for the cooling center is:

WEDNESDAY: Merced Senior Center, 755 W. 15th St.

THURSDAY: Merced Senior Center, 755 W. 15th St.

FRIDAY: Sam Pipes Room, the Merced Civic Center, 678 W. 18th St.

For information on the cooling center call 385-6855.