Code Enforcement

Am I responsible for pre-existing problems on a property I purchase?

Yes. The property owner is responsible.

How do I report broken down, inoperable vehicles or piles of junk in the yard of City property?

Call Code Enforcement at (209) 385-6237.

How do I report illegal dumping going on right now in the City limits?

Call the Police at (209) 385-6912.

How do I report illegal dumping that has already taken place on City property, streets or alleys?

Call Public Works at (209) 385-6905.  On private property?  Call Code Enforcement at (209) 385-6237.

How do I report loud music, radio, car stereo, loud party, etc. in the City?

Call the Police at (209) 385-6912

I want to complain about a car parked on someone’s lawn

Call Code Enforcement to report it at 385-6237.

What does and doesn’t require a city building permit?

Call the  Inspections Services Division at (209) 385-6861 to get answers on required permits and permit exemptions.

What happens after I receive a notice from the City to correct code violations?

Different violations have different time frames for correction. Re-inspection dates are listed on notices that are sent out and include our name and phone number.

Where do I file complaints involving animals, eg; crowing roosters, barking dogs wild cats

Call Animal Control at (209) 385-6912.

Why do I need to make the repairs? My tenant is responsible for the problem.

The property owner is ultimately responsible for all repairs to their property.

How do I report graffiti within the City?

To report graffiti in your area, please call 209-385-8807.